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"Valora, are you okay?" Tails asked as they helped me stand up.

"I'm fine. Why, are you worried or something?"

"Did you hear me when I shouted that there was a full moon tonight?" Tails replied.

I did hear him, but I refused to believe him. Who cares if there's a full moon out? It doesn't matter, does it?

"Sorry, I must not have heard you," I lied. "But, why are you worried about full moons, anyway?"

"Wolfies only come out on full moons, duh!"

"Oh. It's ok, guys. I didn't see a Wolfie tonight." I lied again.

"Well, we should return home then, ok?" Sonic suggested.

I began to walk with them, but I slowed my pace until they were far ahead of me. Words popped into my head. I said,"Munarous Wolfia!" Then my body began to feel strange. I gripped the sweet plain of grass, and cried. I felt pain all over me, then I realized: Tektor bit me. My skin turned into brown lushious fur, my nails lengthened into claws. A smooth brown tail sprouted and my teeth turned into sharp, long canines. I thought it was over, but I was wrong. My eyes started to burn and changed into a cat's eye yellowish color. My backbone began to crack open and black and white angel wings opened and stretched real far. It was done. I am now a Wolfie.
I howled tremendously from the pain I felt.

"Oh no. Sonic could have heard me!"

I looked far ahead to see, and I was right. Sonic and the gang was running full speed towards. It would take a matter of seconds for them to reach me! I ducked behind some thick bushes to hide, and watched as Sonic and the others looked for the "Wolfie" who howled earlier. I began to back away, until I heard screams. A giant mechagear, controlled by Eggman, of course, has captured the others(expect for Sonic) and is holding them in capsules inside his mechagear's arms, and Sonic is having a really hard time breaking through the glass.

I need to help him! But, what if he sees me? Would Sonic attack me too? I decided to take my chances and dove behind the giant gear. I jumped onto its back, and it didn't notice. I climbed up its back until I reached its core, which was hidden in the back of the gear's cockpit. I ripped open the panel and pulled all the wires out. The mechagear malfunctioned and tilted forward, and Sonic was still underneath it, with no strength left to move!(since he used all his strength to try to break open the capsules) I jumped off the mechagear and stepped in front of Sonic, who was very surprised. I stretched out my arms and said,"Barrio Takamen!"(Wolfies are also spellcasters. A dark shield surrounded us and protected us as the gear fell. Eggman escaped, but the others were still alive. As the shield disappeared, Sonic stared at me in awe.

"Why would you help me? I thought Wolfies were self-centered creatures." He asked.

I walked up to him and tapped his nose.

"Well, I'm different." I giggled. "Do you need help breaking the capsules? I can break the glass."

Sonic nodded, and I pounded on the glass, breaking them one by one, and helped my friends get back on their feet. They were also surprised and glad. I noticed they had bloody cuts on their bodies.

"Can I help you heal your wounds?" I asked them.

They all nodded, and I smiled. I started with Sonic first. I touched all his wounds and figured out how much blood they lost. I said, "Healisco" and touched Sonic's heart. His cuts started to glow green, and they stopped bleeding. I did this again on each of them, and they were filled with relief. When I finished, I noticed the sun began to creep over the hills.

"I can't let them find out it's me, or they'll think that I am a freak!" I thought.

I turned and ran back towards our house, and Sonic noticed I was running away.

"Wait! Where are you going?! Come back!" He yelled.
Well, let's see: I turned into a Wolfie, saved Sonic and the others, and ran back home, with Sonic chasing me.

What a wacky chapter! :D
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better....more detail
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ok fine. I'm trying as hard as I can, but I need more time. Read the chapters I have for now. Ch. 12 might be uploaded by end of may or june. Never get on computer alot lately... LOL luv u
credocross Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
luv you too
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PLz come over, k? I wanna see you so bad!
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